5 Secrets Why Professional Traders Succeed In Making Profits But You Do Not

Most new traders who are starting to tame themselves in the field of forex trading find it very difficult to generate profits let alone maintain consistency.

So what exactly do professional traders out there do that differentiates their trading results?

Larger trade timeframe and long term trade

Mistakes for beginner traders are fond of trading in smaller timeframes such as M5 and M15 for example. This is because they are looking forward to seeing the slow movement of prices in the larger timeframe.

Studies show that traders who trade in larger timeframes are more profitable than traders who trade in smaller timeframes.

 Prioritize risk care over profit pursuit

Many traders can make a profit of up to 50% or even 100% a day or in a short time. However, not many people are able to maintain consistency in making profits in trading.

Many dare to show their profits to the public, but do they implement proper risk management? Can they maintain the profits made?

Focus on fundamental and technical analysis

For professional traders, both fundamental and technical analysis should be emphasized. Many traders are only interested in technical analysis. Study the various types of indicators and interesting techniques that are said to provide easy profits.

Starting from zero. Study the fundamentals, what drives the market such as central bank interest rates, employment data, economic growth data, and so on. Adjust with technical analysis to find the right entry for your trading position.

Professional traders choose forex trading as a long term career

The different mindset by new traders who are involved in forex trading is to get immediate profits or in other words, want to get rich quick. This is the main factor that makes traders lose and do not succeed in lasting in this field.

Need to be realistic in planning your trading career and also remain disciplined in order to be in a group of successful traders.

Do not overuse the indicator

It is undeniable that many indicators are used in trading, including professional traders. But the mistake made by a new trader is that too many indicators are used at one time supposedly to get more certainty for each entry.

You do not have to worry about chart trading with various indicators. Select some appropriate indicators and need to deeply understand each indicator you use.

Professional traders mostly trade with simple and clean charts. They are more focused on the key critical levels on the chart.

In conclusion, it is time for you to change your trading style and follow the ways of professional traders to go further in this field of forex trading. Good luck.