Why By Just Learning "Techniques", You Will Not Be Able To Generate Consistent Profits In The Field Of Forex Trading?

Many are wrong in the way of involvement in this field of forex trading. After that, they blame everything around them on the grounds that those things are what cause them to lose and continue to lose in forex trading.

In fact, many still do not understand the right way to master this field of forex trading. I was also wrong in the beginning. That's why I can share it with you. In order not to make mistakes like me. The best thing is a mistake, is when we can learn something from it.

I used to be involved in a lot of things that I now know are just a waste of time. Many "hardcore depositors" traders mostly still do not know what they are wrong and are still confident in their way. They continue to be confident for years even when they lose. I do not know what awakened them. Either from the loss of money or maybe emotional stress. If you realize it's a good thing.

Many who are initially involved in learning forex, are rumored to learn using CERTAIN TECHNIQUES in the narrow context of knowledge. Although still zero in the basics of forex, do not know the basics of technical and zero directly about the fundamentals, they continue to know forex by learning techniques.

This technique usually involves certain indicators. They will be taught, "Ok when the price touches this line, enter sell, enter buy". "When this indicator line crosses, enter buy, enter sell." All are guided blindly without understanding what the basics of forex are that they need to understand.

So when they feel happy friends start making money, they also deposit. From trading. The technique may be correct, but the basics of leverage control, margin, capital control do not exist. They end up seeing their account balance disappear just like that.

Without despair, deposit more capital and they will continue to "gamble" using various color indicator lines. Until one day they lose a lot. Only then will they want to learn new things in forex.

One will vary the capacity of his ability to trade using the technique because maybe the person who created the technique is experienced in the field of forex. Solid basic forex knowledge. So his consideration to enter BUY or SELL is to use and combine the various knowledge and experience he has. So he can make a profit. While what is taught only enters using physical eyes and no heart eyes. The experience is still empty. Study one by one. Get sick first, have fun later.

They will make more mistakes when moving from technique to technique. From technique A to technique B. All because they are impressed with the "hype" created by the teaching staff. Deceived by the marketing of instructors who show that luxury and this.

They blame the old science and learn new science. Repeating and wasting time.

In fact, to trade and make a profit consistently, you need comprehensive knowledge in this field. From technical, fundamental, emotional control, and so on need to be solid. This of course needs to be accompanied by experiences that can teach us all.

So if you are new to forex, go back to the BASICS. Establish the basics, candlesticks, standard indicators from within mt4 maybe, what are the basics of those indicators, the fundamental situation, economy and geopolitics of a country and do not forget about emotional control and accounts.

Everyone has joined before you can become a professional trader.