Why Still Need to Study Forex Even on the Weekends? Read These Most Winning Tips!

How To Make The Most Of Your Weekend For Forex Trading

Someone said. Do not be very serious in this forex trading, until the weekend you are facing the chart, wait for the market to open. Actually, it's different.

People who are addicted to 'gamble' trade, can't wait for the market to open on Monday because he wants to enter an order. While waiting, he is not even studying.

But a trader who is really serious and dedicated to trading, this week he will take some time. Revise all trading for a week, Monday-Friday. Look back. Make a post mortem. Check what is wrong. What is right. What were the situation and market sentiment last week?

Isn't it different? Confirm it is different.

Ok usually, this weekend for us to rest. Together with the family. Take a break, relax. But for me there is time to relax. There is time to work hard.

If your journey as a forex trader is comfortable, it's ok to relax. Chillax. Hang out and rest. If you just enjoy MC or just lose, you will not want to rest again. These weekends take some time to focus, check back the unmoved market, where you made a mistake last week until you lost a lot.

To succeed, there is no term "Work-Life Balance". All there is WORK HARD, and LIFE can be obtained after being tired of trying.

But do not wait until the weekend, enter the room, lock the door, neglect time with family and others. Be smart and schedule your time to be worth your effort.

Take some time, at least on Sunday night, to revise and plan your trading next week.

Because if the market is already moving, Monday just wants to plan a trade and so on, afraid of wasting a lot of time analyzing the market. Loss.Because there may be your analysis showing the opportunity on Monday. So that's a loss.

To succeed, it takes a little effort. Study and study. Right?