Are You There These 6 Things To Become A Successful Trader?

Everyone can be a trader, open MT4, click buy/sell-buy / sell, but most of them cannot afford to become traders who are allowed to use profits instead of trading to support themselves and their families.

And as you yourself know, there is no permanent crowd in this industry and get consistent profit. This is because most of the traders do not have these 6 things listed.

Being a full-time trader (FTT) is the dream of all traders, there is no need to clash with bosses at work, no need to cramped down on the road, even if you don't need to wear a work uniform.

But in this field of trading, the most disappointing part is that you know you can only blame yourself for losing if it's MC or SO.

So, you need to read this article!


Crowded among us, choose to trade for the wrong reasons and have no interest in making what is being done which is trading.

Successful traders, they are not as willing to invest thousands of USD than the market, they are also genuinely interested in the intellectual and emotional challenges of the market.

To become traders who are always profitable, we must master ourselves first.

Most of the things that fail from this trade are due to the willingness of fast money and that desire has obscured the eyes and the decision has made this trading no longer something to be liked. Because it's always depot mc.

Frankly, if you think your motivation in this trade is to get fast money, chances are your losses will exceed your win.


Patience is also one of the pillars of success in trading. Patiently waiting for setup, patient when floating, patient when the trading plan does not become, and most importantly patient when it is just starting and still being practiced.

Crowds of people, if they can know what to do with USD income in trading, keep gray eyes, big deposits, and stomping lots of elephants, causing losses that exceed what they deserve. Stop Loss is also not located. Where is the depot mc depo mc?

If you are an impatient person, maybe through trading you will learn what patience is and that patience is the key for you to succeed in this challenging industry.

Learn to accept your loss and first assess why it may apply.


Discipline and patience go hand in hand. Being disciplined in trading means that you are not easily shaken to change your Stop Loss / TP. You are eternal with your trading plan because you know and for sure from your analysis, you are able to profit.

The second is, the techniques used are those that you have mastered. Not learning a new technique today, tomorrow for another technique.

And the most important thing is to have a trading journal. Write down, write down and note why the entry is here, why is the cut loss, and so on.


To become a successful trader, you have to believe in and believe in yourself. If you are busy looking for signals, comparing your analysis with others, then you are still not ready to go.

Learn trading strategies and master them and be sure that they suit yourself.

Financial Stability

If it is meant to be stable, it does not mean to be rich. If you are already rich, why do you want to trade again right?

The meaning of stable here is, all the necessities of the house are sufficient, and do not depend 100% on trading only.

This is to ensure that during trading, the heart is always calm to enter and get profit.

Angle of View

The last thing is that you need a good trading point of view if you want to become an FTT.

This viewpoint is meant to be the same as for a trading strategy and it explains how you see the market and what techniques are used?

Do you really understand "buy at dip, sell on a rally"? Do you know the function of SnR well? And so on.

Now, double-check yourself. Do you have these 6 things to succeed in trading? If so then continue with this work. Whenever something is missing, train yourself, train your mind to get what it takes to become a successful trader.

Never give up, believe in yourself that you will succeed, and avoid being lazy if you are thirsty for glory.