Covid-19 Uncontrolled, Madrid Needs Help!

 Authorities in the Spanish province of Madrid today sought immediate help to hire hundreds of foreign doctors and police, as they consider enforcing a curfew to more areas as a result of the increase in Covid-19 cases.

For all you know, the region is the most affected location in Spain by the second wave of coronavirus and has carried out movement control orders between and in some districts with a population of around 850,000.

According to Ignacio Aguado, the district government representative said the province needed 300 doctors from outside the European Union who had worked during the first wave of the epidemic but could not afford to hire them immediately because they were bound by complicated rules.

In addition, they also need a total of 222 additional police officers to enforce quarantine and fines in the districts subject to curfews.

Last Monday, the province called on the central government to seek military assistance to control the surge in cases of coronavirus infection around the Spanish capital. Worse still when curfews enforced in some low-income areas have led to protest activities.

This is because the population in the area also recorded the highest rate of infection as a result of inefficient preventive measures.

Based on the data presented, Madrid accounts for about a third of Covid-19 cases in Spain and has the highest hospital capacity share filled by Covid-19 patients.

The cumulative number of Spanish-confirmed coronavirus infections has increased since the end of the nationwide curfew at the end of June with a total of 682,267 cases of infection, the highest in Western Europe.