Even If This Can Not Be Done, Do Not Dream Of Success

Joe Flizzow - If you fail to plan then plan to fail.

Being a trader who has a full-time job from morning to evening, the time available to view the chart, the framework of the trading plan is very limited.

Organizing your most valuable assets that is time is very important and if time management already exists, discipline is needed.

A full-time trader can actually schedule time properly to become a successful trader.

The time allotted for one day to trade is minimal and doable.

It is as below:

The Night Before: A trading does not start in the morning when the market opens but in the evening/night before, If you want to trade today, yesterday must already have a beautiful trading plan.

Morning Before Work: Wake up in the morning, have breakfast with the family. Avoid opening a trading platform before completing all this.

After breakfast, bathing, etc., then open a trading platform, analyze what happened with the news, price movements, and in line with the trading plan made yesterday, whether the price moves to the price seen as a setup.

Is the setup seen meeting the necessary criteria? Did the day have high impact news? If you open a position, how do you manage it?

While At Work: It is highly recommended not to trade using a smartphone while at work.

According to foreign analysts, most traders who trade using smartphones can be the first basic mistake to fail in trading.

The set-and-forget approach is seen to have more advantages than those whose eyes are on the chart throughout the day.

After Work: Go home at 6 pm after the punch out, avoid looking at the chart. Spend time with family for dinner and relaxation.

And when it comes to trading, it depends on your choice of trading style.

If you are a scalper, focus 1-2 hours right for in-position and if you are a swing trader, the time took maybe just a moment to see the appropriate setup.

If you find an interesting setup, write it down.

Before Bed: After completing the trade or providing a trading plan, update the trading journal, and write down what happened with the day's trade.

Not having a trading journal is one of the biggest mistakes traders make.

Weekends: Weekends determine whether you will be successful in trading by looking at what you do for 2 days not working. Is it to increase trading knowledge or just relax to entertain without effort.

Conclusion: Plan a trade before starting a trade. Check the chart before in-position and avoid trading using a smartphone.

The most valuable tools are trading plans and trading journals.

To succeed, you need 1001 efforts, not 1 reason.