Forex Account Sharing Techniques

If trading on a part-time basis, it may be crowded that you only use one account only. But for me who is looking for food with forex trading, I use the technique of sharing forex accounts. For me, he has positive impressions to guard emotions during trading, avoid mistakes, and design our goals in forex trading so that we arrive at the dream goals.

In summary, we can share our forex accounts with several accounts according to our abilities. For example, let's use two accounts. One account is used for long term trading style, swing. Another one is used for scalping styles. So if we have these two accounts, we will not go wrong with our long-term and short-term trading terms. Long term accounts or swing accounts, you may use to pay monthly for a house or train, while scalping your account can be used for your daily shopping.

Say you are analyzing it and you see the price of GBP / USD to fall and while not removing certain levels, it will long swing to fall down, so you can go short on the swing account. The lot used maybe only a small lot and the capital is rather large than a scalping account because this account will have high floating support, therefore it is a long term swing trading.

In the GBP / USD trend, which you predicted was the downtrend, there are ups and downs in the price. So.

You trade this position on a day-to-day basis, and you can trade on a scalping account where you collect your daily income by trading the same as buying and selling.

Share your plan, so that your goals in forex trading are achieved. Which account am I using? I will share with you later. When writing this article, I have 7 types of accounts and 2 demo accounts. Why? I'll tell you in future posts. Always visit this blog.