Forex Trading is an asset, not a liability

How far are you designed to become a forex trader? After you dive into this field, you will remember that forex is also a business. There is gain, there is a loss. There is the capital.

Crowded without design. Because there is no design that makes you go nowhere while involved in forex trading. The addition is still busy which I have known since 2008 in the forex field so that now it is still a strong depositor. Brokers are like liabilities for them. Need to be bribed money every month.

That's what I know. There are still many who don't know.

They often receive calls from the Account Manager. "Greetings, how are you? healthy? If you want to the depot? Now we have a bonus blah .. blah .. blah .. ". I think that the Account Manager is like a child. Call and ask, "Abah, if you want to bank in money?"

They are one hundred dollar depots, two hundred dollars, fifty dollars. It's like trying a slot machine. There is profit, there is. No profit, later the depot. They don't even know why they are depositing so much. Check, look at the bank, let go one hundred and two depots. Continue to the depot. Trade has traded. Sembang at a coffee shop here and there. After that MC.

It's okay, later the depot again. Wait for the next month's salary.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail". Forex is a business, and there needs to be a design. Strategy. Why did you start with 100 USD, why did 1000 USD start to deposit? Which strategy to use. How can I avoid scorching capital and so on? How to manage risk with accounts and so on. How can you train in this field?

Hopefully, I can help all colleagues in this field. Forex trading is our "asset", it is not "liability"!