If This Case Cannot Be Created, Don't Dream Your Child Becomes Victorious

Being a trader who has a full-time job from morning to evening, the time is there to see the chart, the trading plan framework is very limited.

Putting together your most valuable asset over time is extremely important and if the term structure already exists, discipline is also required.

Traders who work full-time can actually arrange the times correctly to become successful traders.

The time allotted for one day to trade is a minimum and is allowed.

They are as below:

The Night Before: Something trading does not start in the morning when the market opens but at the time of the evening/night before, If you want to trade today, last night you must have had a beautiful trading plan.

Morning Before Work: Get up early, have breakfast with your family. Avoid opening the trading platform before you finish all of this.

After breakfast, take a shower and others, then open the trading platform, analyze what applies to the news, price movements and along with the trading plan made last night, is there a price move to a price that is seen as a setup.

Are there any setups seen that meet the necessary criteria? Is there any high impact news today? If you open a position, how do you manage it?

While at Work: It is highly recommended not to trade using a smartphone while at work.

According to foreign analysts, most traders who trade using smartphones may be the first principle of mischief to fail in trading.

The set-and-forget approach is seen to have more advantages than those whose eyes stick to the chart throughout the day.

After Work: Go home at 6pm after the punch out, avoid looking at the chart. Spend a moment with your family for dinner and relaxing.

And if you are ready to trade, it depends on your choice of the trading style you choose.

If you are a scalper, focus really 1-2 hours on in-positions and if you are a swing trader, the time taken may be short enough to see a suitable setup.

If you come across an interesting setup, take note.

Before going to sleep: After finishing trades or providing a trading plan, update your trading journal, and write down what happened to the trades that day.

Not having a trading journal among traders' biggest mistakes.

End of week: The end of the week determines whether you will be successful in trading or not by seeing if what was done for 2 days does not work. Is there any added knowledge of trading or just resting without effort.

Conclusion: Design a trade before initiating a trade. Check charts before in-position and avoid trading using smartphones.

The most valuable tools are the trading plan and trading journal.

Successful sons need 1001 attempts, not one reason.