Russia's All-Wrong UN wants to Give Free Vaccines

 The United Nations (UN) is now divided over whether or not to accept the COVID-19, Sputnik-V vaccine offer for free from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It was reported that the offer was part of his speech at the UN General Assembly in conjunction with the 75th anniversary last Tuesday.

The question is, is the vaccine really effective?

The results of too few studies to prove the effectiveness of the vaccine for widespread use has raised doubts among scientists.

If there are side effects, does it not cause more ‘congestion’ of the already chaotic world with the coronavirus outbreak?

Putin explained that Russia was ready to assist the UN in offering free vaccine supplies to organizational staff, including subsidiaries who volunteered for the vaccination.

To date, the offer from the president has not been welcomed by UN staff and the UN health agency, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declined to comment on the offer.

Touching on the vaccine, the study was conducted only on 40 volunteers and the results showed positive signs for a period of three weeks. The observations were conducted for 42 days without placebo or vaccine control.

While in order to ensure that the vaccine is completely safe to use without any side effects, studies need to be conducted on tens of thousands of people.

The UN should be wrong to accept Sputnik V!