This Man's Story Associated With MT4 Will Make Us Think For A Moment

Life is like a wheel, blink above, flash below. Always listen to this verse, right? Ups and downs are common things in life and we can relate to what we learn in this trading world.

Talking about technical analysis, we will all think of the candlestick patterns created by Homma, we will also remember about Support & Resistance, as well as Trendline, not to mention the many indicators such as Moving Average, RSI, some even use Fibonacci Retracement. son, call the indicator, hundreds will come out later.

One big thing that we can actually relate to everything we learn is that our life is actually a chart.

Well, try to draw 1 long chart starting at the age when we can think and make our own decisions. We take the age of 8 years, our age can think about our ideals so that today.

We look at our lives, is there any ups and downs just like we look at the MT4 chart every day?

"For example, we create this character, his name is Nizam.

Nizam at the age of 8 years is very active and intelligent. There are cases, my son said he would be competent.

And Nizam's dream at that time was to become a doctor. Every day he is excited to go to school, study hard.

This was all because his brother Nazri had become a successful doctor and loved their father very much.

Bring to the spirit of Nizam is the triumph of his brother, we appear that Nizam is in a one-phase uptrend which is good for him because he wants to be victorious.

The state of Nizam's uptrend gradually fluctuates, sometimes falls, so that at the age of 13, Nizam almost gave up his dream due to a bad UPSR decision.

But he didn't budge, the support's good fortune didn't break. If not, surely Nizam will not try to come back.

During middle school, father Nizam's mother had an accident and was reported to have died at the location of the accident.

After being in a very good uptrend, the release of a red and sharpshooting star candlestick rejected the above resistance, finally, Nizam lost.

Nizam gives up hope, Nizam's dreams are forgotten. The efforts so far have not been prolonged and Nizam has become a troubled student.

For 5 years Nizam has been in and out of lockets, thrown out of school and Nizam has lost directions.

Nizam's downtrend is realized when he thinks back to his father's mother's love, what they live for and Nizam is determined to become a useful and successful human being.

Nizam strengthens his beliefs and starts a robe business. Nizam begins little by little and a clear eye is placed so that it is not in an uncertain state like a sideway.

Finally, Nizam became a famous robe and triumphed in getting the glory he wanted even though he was not a doctor. "

Just like us today, we can look back on our life journey. Is there an uptrend, downtrend, or sideways just?

Life is a matter of choice. To what extent do you want to be successful in trading? Is the real eye in this industry?

Remember, clear eyes require clear action. A big target requires big action.

And if the eye was merely the size of a germ, then action need not be as big as an elephant!

Try to associate it with life, associate it with our performance. You will undoubtedly find this trading connection with our achievements.

What goes up will go down, what is down will go up.

If you are in a downtrend, turn up the volume to climb the ladder of glory.

* The story of Nizam is only a fictional character who has nothing to do with the living or the dead.