This Man's Story Linked To MT4 Will Make Us Think For A Moment

Life is like a wheel, blinking above blinking below. Always hear this verse right? Up and down is normal in life and we can relate to what we learn in this trading world.

Talking about technical analysis, we will all think of the candlestick pattern created by Homma, we will also remember about Support & Resistance, as well as Trendline, not to mention many indicators such as Moving Average, RSI, and some even use Fibonacci Retracement. want to say indicator, hundreds will come out later.

1 big thing that we can actually relate to everything we learn is our life is also actually a chart.

Here, try to draw 1 long chart starting from the age we can start to think and make our own decisions. We take 8 years old, our age can think about our ambitions today.

We look at our lives, are there ups and downs just like we look at the MT4 chart every day?

"For example, we created this character, his name is John.

John at the age of 8 is very active and smart. There are only things to be said he will say.

And John's ambition at that time was to become a doctor. Every day his spirit is burning to go to school, to study hard.

This is all because his brother Nazri has become a successful doctor and is very loved by their parents.

The catalyst for John's spirit is his brother's success, we see John in an uptrend situation which is a good phase for him because he wants to succeed.

John's uptrend overtime sometimes goes up and down sometimes so that at one point at the age of 13 John almost gave up his ambitions due to bad UPSR results.

But he did not give up, luckily the support did not break. If not, surely John will not try again.

During high school, John's parents had an accident and were reported dead at the scene of the accident.

After a very good uptrend, the release of the red candlestick shooting star and sharply rejecting the Resistance above, finally John lost.

John despaired, John's ideas were forgotten. Efforts all this time did not last long and John became a troubled student.

For 5 years John went out and locked up, was expelled from school and John lost his way.

John's downtrend was realized when he recalled his parents' love, what they wanted and John was determined to be a useful and successful human being.

John strengthened his resolve and started the robe business. John started little by little and a clear goal was set so as not to be in an uncertain situation like a sideway.

In the end, John managed to become a famous robe toucan and managed to get the desired success even though he was not a doctor. ”

Just as we are today, we can look back on our life journey. Is it uptrend, downtrend, or sideway only?

Life is a matter of choice. How far do you want to succeed in trading? What is the real goal in this industry?

Remember, clear goals require clear action. Big goals require big action.

And if the goal is just as big as a germ, no action is as big as an elephant!

Try to relate to life, relate to our performance. Will surely find this trading connection with our achievements.

Those who go up will go down, those who go down will go up.

If you are in the downtrend phase, increase the volume of enthusiasm to climb the ladder of success.

* The story of John is just fiction that has nothing to do with the living or the dead.