This Woman Interviews Successful Traders And Collects Them In A Special Book For Traders

Do you know how many traders fail in this field? 90% of those who are active in the field of trading fail.

Even so, every day millions of ordinary people around the world when waking up in the morning will open charts and try to make a living, pursuing the dream of wanting financial freedom from trading.

The above statistics are the same statistics in other fields such as business, look at Malaysia. How many stores opened, 2 3 months later covered.

Even so, the 10% who are successful are also those who have been among the 90%.

In Kathy Lien's book, an analyst and author who specializes in Forex Trading have published a book that brings together 12 successful people in the field of trading.

They are not hedge fund managers nor are they employees of big banks like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs but are just ordinary people who start with a capital as low as $ 1,000 and grow it up to 5-6 figures.

They consist of different trading instruments, different markets.

Some trade equities (stocks), some focus on Foreign Exchange, and some trade Futures and Commodities.

Each of them has a different trading style but can succeed in this challenging financial market.

However, the similarity between them is discipline, stick to the strategy, and accept losses.

None of the initial trades continued to be successful and not a few of them have suffered quite a loss.

Yet they do not give up, do not give up on the market but they learn from their mistakes and use that experience to become better traders and eventually succeed.

This article is written based on preparations and reviews from the book to inspire readers to be confident and believe that success in this field of trading is not impossible.