Traitor! Kim Jong-Un Threatened to Assassination by His Own Military Officer

 The world is still not dry with the controversy of the North Korean government, Kim Jong-un starting with his health status until fake news of his death.

Most recently, it was reported that the government's life was at the end of the horn when it was attacked by a group of the opposition who are believed to be using a ship.

The ship belonging to North Korea was placed by South Korean authorities in December 2018.

The threat was revealed through the Japanese magazine, Shukan Gendai by the former head of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, Admiral Kastsutoshi Kawano.

According to the top official, the opposition who tried to kill Jong-un was three North Korean military officers.

However, the assassination attempt on the government found a point of failure and North Korea demanded that the ship be returned.

Not many people know this news because it failed to get follow-up coverage of the issue of the South Korean warship clash with Japanese patrol aircraft.

To date, the allegation by Kawano has not been officially confirmed.