When Should You Take A Break From Trading? For the addicted to the Forex Chart

Have you switched from chart to chart to look for the next trade and finally enter a bad post? Then you feel impatient to take revenge on that loss? Or maybe you fell asleep in front of the computer after getting tired of shopping for the chart?

Actually taking a break can help us refocus. Always think ahead, namely trade, market, the chart will continue to exist tomorrow, next week, next month even after we die. So it is a wise step to take a suitable period of rest after we are tired of work.

Here are some ideas of how and when to do it:

To those of you who have ever gone to the gym to train your muscles in any kind of sport, or just give it a macho look, I bet you know that when we lift weights, we actually refuse our muscles to go further and get stronger. But at the same time, building muscles should not only apply to exercise.

Rest is needed to allow the muscles to rebuild and get stronger. Of course, you remember the first time you entered the gym, you had to get sick, right? If you take a break in a day or two, you can enter the gym at first and then feel better.

Likewise with becoming a forex trader. You need time to absorb the knowledge you learn and the experiences you experience. And you need time to relax your mind too and don't think if you have become a full-time professional trader or not.

Taking time off or taking a break from trading will definitely allow you to relax your mind. There is no need for a full and long vacation to Hawaii, just a moment, and a close is enough. And when you return to the trading table, you will become more focused and be able to make decisions more quickly and accurately. Trading actually revolves around discretion in making decisions.

When is the right time to rest?

# If you are tired

Haha. Simple sounds right. It is indeed restful if you are tired. I mean, if you are a morning person, don't trade at night. The same is true the other way around: the night owl is not allowed to trade in the early morning. Hehe. If you try to trade when you are tired, you will become inefficient, even if it is the most interesting trading session.

Don't worry, there are enough trading sessions to be interesting at other times - the older ones are for you.

# If the market doesn't suit you

If you are a hyperactive person who likes the ferocious movements of the markets, then the European and American side-by-side Friday sessions are for you. Keep away from Sydney sessions. On the other hand, if you prefer "range trading", go to another session, and avoid volatile and volatile market times.

Adjusting the trading period to your personality is easier than adjusting your personality to the trading period. So take a break if the market conditions don't suit you.

# "High Impact News"

Some people like trade news so they should stay away from days that are less news, like Monday. Why not enjoy a long weekend?

On the other hand, there are traders who do not like the news, especially on days where there are many broadcasts simultaneously, so they need to avoid Wednesday or Thursday which usually has a crowded economic calendar.

I hope you get the point that I want to convey. Are you taking a break or are you hooked on charts? Try a little comment below for us to share together! Don't forget to share this article with your forex trader partners.