Monday, October 19, 2020

5 Cryptocurrencies Worth Paying Attention During This Week


This digital asset remained at $ 11,137 for several days. Investors have bought during the downtrend at the support level of $ 11,165 with the expectation that the price will rise again.

If BTC manages to cross the downtrend line, BTC / USD will retest the resistance level of $ 11,719. Indirectly, the breakout could continue the surge at the initial target level, $ 12,000 and then $ 12,460.

However, on the other hand if BTC / USD fails to break the downtrend line and falls below the 20-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) level, bring the BTC price to a lower support level around $ 10,500.


Stellar Lumens (XLM) broke below the Simple Moving Average 200 (SMA200) support level around the $ 0.077 level on September 21, before falling below the $ 0.066841 level. This indicates a purchase when the surge is at a lower level.

The XLM / USD pair will lead to a price spike above the $ 0.084584 resistance.

If XLM / USD is above SMA200, the investor will add a buy position above $ 0.084584. If successful, it is not impossible for the latest uptrend to reach $ 0.10.


On Oct 14, Coin (CRO) slipped and closed below the $ 0.144743 support level, with the target level at $ 0.10607.

As for the jump it may hold at $ 0.121, supporting SMA200. A surge at that level will test the breakdown zone at $ 0.144743. In a downward trend, investors will choose a sell position up to the EMA 20 level around ($ 0.144).

If the opposite is the case, this indicates that CRO / USD sentiment is declining. Currently investors will once again press the price below SMA 200. If successful, the decline could reach $ 0.10607.


Previously, Binance Coin (BNB) declined from $ 31.9798. The price surge brought the downtrend to the support level at $ 29.5646.

A rise above the EMA20 ($ 29.06) and an RSI above 61, including an increase in the SMA200 ($ 19.95) indicates a positive, bullish signal.

If investors are able to push BNB / USD above the resistance level of $ 32- $ 33.3888, it is not impossible for the momentum of the currency to remain stable.


Litecoin (LTC) is trying to form a ‘head & shoulder’ pattern that will complete the breakout and close the trade above the $ 51.50 level. If a surge occurs, successfully breaking the Moving Average, LTC / USD may be able to jump to $ 51.50.

Breaking and closing above that level will push the bullish trend of the price. The next higher target is the $ 61.50 level.

However, the assumption will change if LTC / USD falls below the trendline line which signals a downward trend.