October 20, 2020

Boris Johnson Is 'Tired' - There Will Be No More Brexit Negotiations!

 The Brexit issue is still hotly debated in the market. The ever-changing development of Brexit negotiations between the European Union (EU) and Britain has caused market players to lose direction.

Today, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued a statement in a call to the Greek administration that there will be no more trade talks with the EU unless the EU changes its stance in the negotiations.

According to a Johnson spokesman, following an online call with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he (Johnson) insisted that the EU had firmly stated that it would not change its position in the Brexit negotiations. But if the EU has fundamentally changed its position, then the UK will be ready to continue negotiations with the new policy.

Meanwhile, a Reuters poll also shows that there is a 40% chance that no agreement will be reached on UK trade relations with the European Union (EU) by the transition deadline, as previously predicted.

The pound sterling traded down 0.14% against the US dollar to 1.29 following reports released and investors taking precautions while awaiting the latest developments in the UK and European Union (EU) trade negotiations.