Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Larry Kudlow Gives ‘Hint’ Covid-19 Assistance Package Negotiation

 The White House and Democrats in the U.S. Congress had previously reportedly approached a deal on a new Covid-19 pandemic aid package when President Donald Trump said he was willing to accept a larger aid package despite opposition from his own Republican Party.

In a separate report, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated that she expects an agreement on the assistance package to be reached by the end of this week.

Recently, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow made a statement on Wednesday that negotiations on the Covid-19 aid bill with House of Representatives Democrats were running smoothly.

In an interview with CNBC, Kudlow described the talks as 'sunrise'. He also added that he did not promise anything but the situation is getting better and is expected to improve.

The US dollar depreciated today, to a low of 92.53 in exchange for 0.56% against a basket of major currencies, as investors awaited the outcome of US fiscal stimulus talks.