After ‘Stop’ Negotiations, Trump Makes More Surprises

 U.S. President Donald Trump once again graced the market after he urged Congress to approve aid to small businesses and U.S. airlines as soon as possible.

Trump's surprise request came hours after he ordered his administration to stop negotiating with Democrats over a new stimulus package.

However, the president later issued a statement on Twitter urging Congress to immediately approve $ 25 billion for airline salary support and $ 135 billion for salary protection programs for small businesses.

Both of these aids will be paid in full by utilizing funds that are still unused from previous coronavirus assistance.

The $ 25 billion airline salary support program approved by Congress in March ended on September 30 and this has forced airlines to take their own initiative.

Last week, American Airlines and United Airlines began striking 32,000 workers, if lawmakers reached an agreement on a new stimulus program to fund wage costs.

In addition, in his second speech Trump also expressed his willingness to sign a $ 1,200 check aid to US citizens.

However, the market did not give much reaction although it was quite positive with Trump's latest statement.