Amazon is eyeing EU lawmakers?

 Legislators in the European Union (EU) have written a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking if the company hires spy agents to spy on politicians, trade unions, and their staff members.

The letter was written by Leïla Chaibi, a French politician from the La France Insoumise party, and signed by 36 MPs (European MPs) from most left and green wing parties across the EU.

In addition, it was submitted after Amazon eliminated 2 job offers on intelligence analysts. According to the note, the job involved Amazon's monitoring of trade unions and hostile political leaders allegedly posed a threat to the company.

If hired, analysts will be tasked with gathering information on any internal and external threats to Amazon and reporting the data to leaders across the organization.

The job advertisement says analysts will be responsible for gathering information on highly sensitive sensitive issues, including employees who pose a threat to the company, funding and activities related to corporate campaigns against Amazon, as well as briefings on bitter situations including protests, geopolitical crises and other topics that include human resources and employee relations. ”

In addition, the ad is aimed at candidates who have military, law enforcement, or both experience based in Phoenix, Arizona, and those officers will be part of Amazon's Global Security Operations Intelligence Program.

However, Amazon revealed that the ad did not give a true picture of the job and has been improved.

He added that the company insisted that it did not want its employees to spy on third party groups. Instead, the company says that analysts want to scrutinize existing information openly to understand the environment in which it operates.

However, a trade union last week said that the European Commission, the EU's executive branch, should investigate whether the monitoring of Amazon workers is legitimate.