Apparently Trump Wants Bigger Stimulus Package, But…

 US President Donald Trump told Thursday he was ready to increase his offer in the fiscal stimulus package from $ 1.8 trillion to higher figures.

However, the idea was rejected by his Republican ally, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Speaking to Fox Business Network, Trump said he had instructed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to submit a larger stimulus offer, with additional assistance to help U.S. workers.

Last week, Trump proposed $ 1.8 trillion in aid in talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. However, the proposal was rejected by Democrats who remained firm in their demand for a $ 2.2 trillion stimulus.

In fact, it has also met with opposition from Republican parties, particularly in the Senate, who consider the White House's current $ 1.8 trillion bid.

McConnell, meanwhile, noted that higher numbers were being discussed, but he told many Senate Republicans opted for smaller aid values.

With only 3 weeks left before the presidential election on November 3, negotiations held between the two parties are unlikely to be possible before the election.