Bitcoin Also Drowning Due to Trump!

 The whole market was hit by a storm when US President Donald Trump announced the postponement of stimulus talks until the end of the presidential election this November.

Do not expect only the US dollar to depreciate, bear the brunt because the digital currency Bitcoin (BTC) is also facing a terrible decline.

Just through the figure's Twitter tweet, BTC slipped to $ 200 before jumping slightly and holding at $ 10,577.

Yesterday Trump uploaded a tweet, accusing Nancy Pelosi of cunning negotiations, rejecting a $ 1.6 trillion offer and asking for $ 2.4 trillion to support a weak currency, high crime rates, a democratic country that has nothing to do with the COVID-19 issue.

Thus, Trump postponed the talks until the end of the election.

The president also stated that if the victory was in his favor, he would approve a stimulus package focusing on small businesses in the country.

The depreciation of Bitcoin proves that the price of digital assets is still responding in line with major market changes, at least changes to major fiscal related news.