Bitcoin Founder Identity ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ Finally Revealed?

 The transfer of large amounts of Satoshi-era cryptocurrencies shocked the industry until rumors surfaced that Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto had been selling his bitcoin since 2010.

However, no one knows who is hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto's name until 2019, when Nakamoto was linked to a programmer named Paul Calder Le Roux.

Paul Le Roux is a former card chairman and software programmer. If you think Le Roux is a normal individual, you are wrong because in 2012 the 48-year-old man was arrested for several crimes.

Le Roux's first allegation was Nakamoto arose after Paul Le Roux's Wikipedia link in 'Document 187' involved the case of Kleiman v. Wright, became contagious on crypto currency forums and social media sites such as Twitter. This is where crypto fans and investors begin to assume Le Roux is the founder of Bitcoin and Wright is thought to have successfully accessed the man's hard drives.

The incident later led to a screenshot of Le Roux's Congo Republic identity card by anonymous at The ID card features the name used by Le Roux in the country, Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux.

The anonymous also wrote on the bulletin site, "Bitcoin is a clever evil scheme, which was created for money laundering. Unfortunately for Le Roux, he was detained by the authorities and spent his entire life in prison. ”

As Le Roux is a former software engineer with technical skills in cryptocurrency construction, he is associated with the open-source disk encryption project, E4M. However, Le Roux denied the allegations.

When he was arrested on September 26, 2012 for several crimes involving drugs, 7 murders and cartel crime operations, the public began to understand why Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly disappeared from radar at the end of 2010.

The whole rumor of the allegation sank in the spring of 2019, before an investigative journalist, Evan Ratliff in the podcast, claimed Le Roux was the real Satoshi. In fact, Ratliff also believes the Bitcoin network is also the work of Le Roux.

This year, while the world is still struggling to deal with the pandemic, Paul Le Roux told Manhattan Federal Court judge Ronnie Abrams that he wants to start a business and build a bitcoin mining firm as well as build a dedicated integrated circuit (ASIC) application.

There is also other evidence that leads to Nakamoto's identity being closely related to Le Roux but too weak to be debated. In fact, the above accusation is actually not very strong because it is possible that one coincidence two events occurred at the same time.