Boris Johnson ‘Dizziness’ - Negotiation Deadline Failed?

 Boris Johnson should immediately decide on the follow-up measures to be implemented with the Brexit trade halting due to negotiators on both sides failing to reach an agreement by the deadline set by the UK Prime Minister on 15 October.

According to one of the anonymous EU diplomats, there has been a report on "progress" on competition rules. However, both sides claim they have not reached a meeting point in the differences of opinion.

Johnson told EU delegates on Wednesday that he was disappointed that there had been no progress in the last two weeks of talks. In a phone call session with European Commission and Council presidents Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel, Johnson said he would wait for the outcome of the European summit on Thursday before setting up follow-up measures.

27 EU heads of state will gather in Brussels on Thursday afternoon for a meeting in October. They tend to ask for Brexit negotiations to continue.

The barriers to the Brexit deal are still the same, namely the problems of fisheries and trade differences of competition rules and future dealings.