Brexit Issue: Good News For EU And UK Investors And Traders!

 Britain and the European Union (EU) reportedly almost reached an agreement on the issue of social security rights for citizens after Brexit. Both sides stated that last week's discussion was one of the most positive so far.

EU diplomats say the EU is now ready to commit to negotiations until the end of mid-November. This is better than stopping negotiations early next month and avoiding a "no agreement" scenario.

Although there is no solution to these three controversial issues, namely the right to fish, the guarantee of fair competition and the way to resolve disputes in the future, but overall the prospect of an agreement is brighter than before.

A report on the development of the issue was released ahead of further discussions in London which will continue on Wednesday. Upcoming negotiations will discuss bilateral bilateral trade.

Investors and businessmen are still worried that an agreement has not yet been reached to ensure

trade is conducted without tariffs and quotas. The pound sterling strengthened against the US dollar as of 10.40 p.m