Bye US! Russia Wants to Be a Chinese Gang!

 According to a report, Russia is ready to develop relations with China in all areas. The statement was made by Russian President Vladimir Putin at a Valdai Discussion Club meeting yesterday.

According to the president, relations between the two countries have reached a very high level. They trust each other and have established strong relationships, and have effective functions in all areas.

He further revealed that he often held talks with Chinese leaders who were considered his friends and even looked for opportunities to achieve mutual progress.

He added that last year the value of trade between the two countries exceeded $ 111 billion dollars. Therefore, he is very confident that they are able to achieve even more.

In addition, the two countries are currently implementing large-scale joint projects involving energy and other economic fields as well as strengthening interaction in the international arena.

In addition, Putin stated that they are always ready to continue working with China in a friendly and respectful atmosphere, which aims to achieve lucrative results for the people of both countries.