China Joins COVAX, Promise To Prioritize Vaccination To Poor Countries

 China is pleased to ensure that the COVID-19 vaccine to be distributed is also accepted by developing countries in an agreement signed today.

COVAX, a coordination plan led by the Global Vaccine Alliance (GAVI) is an agreement to get vaccines to poor countries, bypassing the race of rich countries resulting in limited vaccine supply.

However, until now the country has not joined the efforts carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO) in dealing with the epidemic.

China did not disclose the total allocation for the effort. However, they are targeting a $ 2 billion fund with a promise to distribute the vaccine to 92 poor countries including low-income countries.

Beijing at the same time expressed hope that the big countries could unite, joining the agreement.

As a result of the failure to control the transmission of coronavirus, Beijing faces external criticism.

Perhaps because of that, China is trying to reshape the perception of the world community towards them, including proving its success in handling epidemics at the country's borders.