China 'Trash' Looks at US-Taiwan Relations

 The United States (US) is accused of compromising security and stability in the Taiwan Strait after US Navy destroyers sailed through the waters while relations between China and Taiwan were strained.

According to Chinese military spokesman Zhang Chunhui, in a statement, his party monitored and followed the destroyer known as the USS Barry through the waters yesterday.

The US, however, described their actions as 'a routine step' in the Taiwan Strait.

Chunhui stressed that the US needs to stop any provocative actions and statements in the Taiwan Strait.

He also stated that the Chinese army would maintain the territorial integrity of the country as well as maintain peace and stability in the straits.

Taiwan in a separate statement said its troops were also monitoring the USS Barry but described the situation as normal.

China often considers Taiwan as a province that needs to be forcibly united with them if the situation persists.

At the same time, the US has increased its support for Taiwan to oppose Beijing's influence in the country.

Following that, Beijing has accused Washington and Taipei of colluding, with China even seen increasing air force activity near Taiwan recently.

The White House administration is currently working to expedite the sale of military equipment to Taiwan, including MQ-9 drones and coastal missile defense systems.