China Welcomes US Companies To Their Market!

 According to Xiao Yaqing, China's Minister of Industry and Information Technology, the country welcomes US forces to actively participate in its markets and will strive to create a fair and equitable environment.

The statement was made during his meeting with several companies such as Qualcomm Inc and General Motors. In addition, executives from the headquarters of the two companies attended the meeting, along with the head of the US-China Business Council.

In addition, the Chinese minister also commented on the good market prospects in areas such as 5G technology and new energy vehicles.

For everyone's knowledge, the meeting was held as tensions between Beijing and Washington have increased in recent weeks, especially on issues such as technology that have ensnared Chinese companies such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., owner of TikTok ByteDance and Tencent Holdings.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that Chinese officials have issued repeated warnings to U.S. government officials that China could detain Americans in China in response to prosecutions by the Department of Justice.

Meanwhile, China's foreign ministry claimed that the United States was trying to play victim.