Debate Up To Mute Button Provided For Trump & Biden

 The final round of the Presidential debate between Donald Trump and his rival, Joe Biden will 'feature' the mute button to allow the two candidates to debate without interruption.

The organizers, The Presidential Commission on Debates, had to do so after Trump and Biden had an argument during the first round of the recent debate, resulting in an out of control situation.

Each candidate's microphone will be 'muted' when one of them presents an argument at the beginning of the debate segment.

Trump's campaign team, however, slammed the move but Trump is said to be taking part in the debate this Thursday as it is his last chance to speak to the public before the polls end on November 3.

Meanwhile, Biden's campaign team did not comment on the move.

Currently more than 30 million Americans have voted, making Trump's chances of winning the presidency seem difficult after state and national polls show he is in Biden.

In addition, the Trump campaign team was also seen as dissatisfied with the selection of debate topics by moderators. According to the team, the topic of the debate should be more focused on foreign policy.

However, Biden's campaign team claimed that Trump wanted to avoid talking about the Covid-19 pandemic, which was the most widely accepted issue.

"As always, Trump thinks more about the rules of the debate than helping countries in crisis," said Biden campaign spokesman TJ Ducklo.