Easily Buy Crypto With Coinbase's Latest Features!

 Crypto investors who use Coinbase for digital asset storage are now easier to make transactions using Coinbase Wallet with the existence of a new function "Buy or Transfer" in the Coinbase smartphone application.

Previously Coinbase users had to use the Coinbase.com exchange platform or other platforms for crypto purchases before transferring the assets into the Coinbase Wallet in the app.

However, not long after the firm set up the latest feature, allowing its users to buy cryptocurrencies directly within the Coinbase Wallet app using a debit card.

Interestingly, Coinbase.com users can connect wallet accounts and the latest feature will be the mode of choice, not set.

All wallet features will remain available to users even if there is no connection to the Coinbase.com account.

The firm hopes the existence of this simpler feature will lead to improved quality for users, especially for new users who are new to Coinbase.

However, not all Coinbase Wallet users have the opportunity to access the feature.

It is reported that it will be launched for Android and iOS devices for the first time in the United States (US). Meanwhile, launches to other countries are scheduled in the near future.