Easy! Now You Can Trade Bitcoin Using PayPal!

 Demand for crypto currency is increasing day by day due to the increasingly worrying geopolitical situation and alarming situation. Today, PayPal Holdings Inc announced to expand its market to the crypto currency market. This has allowed customers to buy, sell and hold cypto currencies including bitcoin using digital wallets.

PayPal customers are also expected to use crypto currency to purchase items in the PayPal network starting early 2021.

According to the President and Chief Executive Officer, Dan Schulman in one of the interviews stated that PayPal hopes the services offered will encourage the use of crypto / digital currency globally and provide a network for digital currencies developed by the central bank.

PayPal is now a company with 346 million active accounts worldwide and processing payments amounting to $ 222 billion in the second quarter.

On the other hand, several central banks around the world have expressed their desire to develop crypto currencies issued by the central bank itself.

Bitcoin has recorded a 3.2% increase to $ 12,305 per unit following the announcement by PayPal Holdings inc.