European Countries Concerned COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Not Enough!


 The European Union (EU) is facing a crisis of shortage of COVID-19 vaccine, Remdesivir due to limited supply.

According to official sources, the supply received was not enough with the surge in daily cases, including almost the majority of the supply of vaccines produced by Gilead were purchased by the United States (US).

Not all EU countries face the crisis as the distribution of vaccines received is based on the number of outbreaks and the number of patients in hospitals.

Poland and Spain, for example, are among the countries that have run out of vaccine stocks due to the highest rate of infection compared to other EU countries. While the supply of vaccines in Germany is still sufficient.

For information, As of July, it is said that the supply of vaccines owned is capable of treating 30,000 patients out of a population of 500 million, a combination of 27 European countries including Britain.

However, it is reported that new supplies will be received soon.

Europe only allows the use of Remdesivir and dexamethasone where both drugs show positive results in critical cases of COVID-19.

EU executives are working to get approval from Gilead which is reported to be happening around the end of September to early October to avoid a supply gap.

Gilead also doubled their efforts in vaccine production in the hope that it would not only meet US demand but also meet worldwide demand, at least in October.