Is it true that the US Dollar has stopped falling?

 Most major currencies remained high after sending the greenback dollar to a 7-week low in the previous session supported by increased confidence that a deal on US fiscal stimulus could be reached.

However, investors returned to caution in trading in the Asian session while continuing to monitor further developments on the negotiations and prepare for the possibility that an agreement may not be reached prior to the presidential election.

Discussions continued between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, which still ended without an agreement and this has burdened market sentiment during the opening of today's trading session.

The dollar index traded almost unchanged against a basket of major currencies at 92.74 after reaching its 7-week low yesterday.

The euro traded slightly lower from its one-month high on Wednesday following the prospect that an agreement would be reached before the election is still gloomy causing investors to be wary of risky currencies.

As for the Asian currency, the Aussie dollar and the New Zealand dollar also recorded a slight decline following investor caution against developments on US fiscal stimulus.

Meanwhile, the pound sterling continued to strengthen after rising to a six-week high following report that Brexit negotiations would resume.

The report also says that Britain and the European Union (EU) will work to reach a new trade agreement by mid-November.