It's over! Until the Iranian Financial Sector Becomes Trump's Victim

 The United States is reportedly preparing to impose new sanctions on Iran's financial sector as soon as possible on Thursday.

The move will effectively isolate Iran from the global financial system by making it more dependent on informal or illegal trade.

This action will further destabilize Tehran's economy which was previously affected by US sanctions by curbing oil sales and most other trade.

The Trump administration is said to have been considering the move over the past few weeks. Under the measures, the administration will blacklist 14 banks in Iran that had previously escaped several U.S. sanctions.

In addition, it will also enable the authorities to impose sanctions on entities related to terrorism, the development of ballistic missiles and human rights violations.

The measures are aimed at curbing one of the few remaining financial sectors that could allow the Iranian government to earn a living, and eliminate Joe Biden's promise to re-enter the 2015 nuclear deal if he wins the November 3 presidential election.

Under the plan, the administration will establish the Iranian financial sector under Executive Order 13902, signed by President Donald Trump in January to address the mining, construction and other industries.

This plan will not only affect the bank, but also the remittance process, currency exchange and informal transfer system, hawala.