Kim Jong-Un Crying, Admitting His Failure As North Korean Government

 "Our people put high trust in me, but I failed to carry out this trust."

That is one of the essences of the speech of the North Korean government, Kim Jong-un who appeared emotionally while speaking at a military parade in Pyongyang in conjunction with the celebration of the establishment of the 75th Labor Party last weekend.

Unexpectedly, Jong-un finally cried, "I'm sorry."

This is not the first time the figure has apologized after the shooting and burning of a South Korean official.

The director of the North Korean Division at the Institute for National Unification of Korea, Hong Min, explained that Jong-un's speech was an expression of a leader who faced overwhelming pressure.

The region has recently been hit by various catastrophes starting with international sanctions due to nuclear and missile programs, including trade relations with China affected by border sanctions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic.

North Korea has also recently faced property damage due to unprecedented natural disasters, further burdening its responsibilities as a government.

At the same time, the United States on Saturday expressed its disappointment over the march following the presence of intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) missiles while nuclear arms embargo negotiations have yet to be reached.

Jong-un in his speech said that he did not hesitate to launch nuclear power if his country was threatened.

South Korea is also concerned about the emergence of such weapons, agreeing with the US to urge North Korea to resume talks to find a solution to the issue.