Largest Army Parade In History, North Korea Trying To Provoke Provocation?

 North Korea is reportedly preparing for the largest military parade in the country's history.

A total of 32,000 soldiers have been training for several months to ensure that every step and cry they receive receives praise from Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un.

But a march like this could also be part of a form of provocation and an opportunity to show new missiles as well as weapons despite Pyongyang being under strict economic sanctions.

North Korea has never shown any ballistic missiles in any march since the first summit between the President of the United States (US), Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in 2018.

Negotiations between the two leaders came to a standstill last February and since then, North Korea has continued to conduct a series of new short-range missile tests.

Adding to this theory is the fact that the march was held a few weeks before the US presidential election and North Korea allegedly wanted to show they had weapons capable of attacking Washington.

According to the editor-in-chief of Daily NK, a website based in Seoul, South Korea and with paid resources in North Korea, it is possible that the Intercontinental Missile (ICBM) and Submarine Launch Missile (SLBM) will be witnessed in the procession.

"Even 600 students and researchers from Kim Il-sung University will participate. This is not a small number. This university is developing new talent for missile development, ”said the editor-in-chief without revealing his identity.