More Cases of Participants Falling Sick, J&J Has to Stop Vaccine Testing

 Johnson & Johnson (J&J) confirmed on Monday that it had temporarily suspended clinical trials for the potential Covid-19 vaccine after one of the participants was found to have an unexplained illness.

A document obtained by the STAT medical news website, revealed that the company's online system used to enroll patients in the third-level test has been shut down.

In addition, the case is also currently being reviewed and evaluated by the data and safety monitoring board which is an independent committee body that oversees patient safety in clinical trials.

However, J&J in its latest statement said temporary suspension was normal and it was indeed expected, especially in such a big test. In fact, all clinical trials conducted by the company also have established guidelines.

This latest J&J action reminds us of the same steps taken by AstraZeneca Plc last month, where it stopped the final stage of the vaccine clinical trial due to a mysterious disease suffered by study participants in the UK.

Although tests in the UK, Brazil, South Africa and India have resumed, in the United States, they are still pending pending regulatory review.