Need to wait after the election, the fate of TikTok becomes a question mark

 The trial on the ban on TikTok applications in the United States (US) will be held on November 4, a day after the presidential election.

Last August, US President Donald Trump announced his plan to block any US transactions with the app operating company, ByteDance.

If the ban is passed, the plan will start on November 12.

Earlier, Judge Carl Nichols banned the Trump administration from forcing TikTok to be removed from Apple and Google app stores.

According to Nichols, there is no clear evidence that China threatens national security through the TikTok application. Trump previously claimed TikTok stole user data in the US for espionage purposes for the Chinese government.

Trump insisted he would only allow the app to continue to be used in the US if ByteDance operations were sold to local companies such as Oracle and Walmart. The collaboration between Walmart and Oracle will create a new company known as TikTok Global.

However, China is seen blocking ByteDance operations sales negotiations from happening by selling some ByteDance technologies to foreign business firms.

Data shows millions of US citizens are currently using TikTok.