Only Through Social Media, Retail Investors Are Now Switching To Bitcoin

 Fidelity Digital Assets in a report said retail investors seem to be interested and will switch to digital currency as they are familiar with the approach of Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies through social media platforms.

Interest in digital assets is driven by information and financial advice that is significantly more effective and can be transmitted in a short time through social media sites such as Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube and TikTok.

This proves that social media is clearly dominating the ideas and thoughts of its users who have different backgrounds compared to conventional ways.

The previous TIE also revealed that the dumping of Bitcoin exposure on social media sites could lead to a surge in the value of digital currency.

Even so, Fidelity Digital Assets emphasizes that the rhythm of retail and institutional investors is different. Coinbase acknowledges this difference by explaining that institutional investors are more willing to buy when the asset price drops.

Bitcoin is unique because it is an asset driven by retail.

The increase in retail in the conventional market through the surge of most platforms makes trading easier, including Robinhood which saw high usage traffic throughout the pandemic.

In fact, the constant increase in the number of wallets that store less than one full Bitcoin is proof that retail investors find the asset to be the best investment.

Institutional interest can also actually increase the market capitalization of Bitcoin up to $ 1.3 trillion by relying on 10% of investment from alternative investments and fixed income.