Oops! China Can't Finish 'Making Drama'!

 China is alleged to have used new tactics in its pressure campaign against Taiwan by presenting several accusations and confessions of espionage activities aired on national television as well as criticizing the democratic island for intimidating the public not to visit China.

It is common knowledge that the superpower considers Taiwan as its sovereign province and has stepped up campaign activities to assert its demands, including sending fighter jets near the island.

In this regard, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen said that the island will not provoke but will defend itself.

For everyone's information, starting on Sunday afternoon, Chinese national television broadcast a confession from a Taiwanese spy who was detained for carrying out their espionage activities in the country.

According to the television station, China is currently conducting a campaign known as Thunder 2020. Through the campaign, the Taiwanese spy team was arrested and involved in hundreds of cases.

In addition, Taiwan says China is deceiving the public by urging individuals to confess crimes before being tried. It is a serious violation of the legal process, even an issue that has long been criticized by human rights groups against Beijing.

In addition, Taiwan's Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang claimed that China was spreading slander and inciting violence.

Previously, the two parties have long pointed fingers at each other in conducting several spy networks. According to the Prime Minister of Taiwan, the country under his leadership no longer conducts such activities and there is no need to act in such a way.

However, China acted to remain silent and did not want to issue any feedback on the issue.