Pressure From Various Parties, Boris Johson Depressed!

 The UK administration has been urged by various parties to impose stricter restrictions such as a partial curfew to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keir Starmer, who is the leader of the opposition party, the labor party, demanded that the curfew be implemented for a period of two to three weeks because the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic soared.

Starmer accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson of ignoring expert advice after a report on Tuesday stated that the government's chief scientific adviser urged weeks ago that a curfew for one UK should be implemented to curb the spread of pandemics.

Starmer also noted that the measures implemented by the UK administration recently were ineffective as they were only implemented in high-risk places. He is more inclined to impose a partial curfew or better known as a ‘mini lockdown’. This restriction measure will not involve schools but will only allow for important travel and work from home. People's movement will be restricted and restaurants should be closed for two to three weeks.

The call for stricter measures is because most places in England are at risk.