Quickly Trump is back on duty!

 US President Donald Trump reportedly returned to office and held a brief meeting at the Oval Office, less than a week after he was confirmed positive for Covid-19.

According to his personal doctor, Sean Conley, Trump did not show any symptoms of Covid-19 for more than 24 hours and was found to be fever free for over 4 days.

Meanwhile, Trump, speaking in a video, said he felt 'great' and this was a gift from God.

Trump added that he wanted all Americans to have access to all the treatment he received.

He also promised to supply all medicines produced by Regeneron Pharmaceutical for free.

According to Trump, the antibody cocktail given to him last week was a cure rather than therapeutic treatment, adding that hundreds of thousands of doses of the antibody were almost ready.

However, the antibody did not get approval from the local authorities.

"I heard about this drug, I told them, let me take it and it is great," said Trump, besides trying to find a way to get approval for the use of the antibody.

Yesterday, Trump held a briefing session on the Delta Hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and the latest talks with Democrats on economic stimulus packages.

Earlier yesterday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said anyone interacting with Trump was required to wear complete personal protective clothing, face masks and goggles. Most of Trump's officials and staff are still undergoing quarantine.