Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Sorry Jeff Bezos! Satoshi Nakamoto's Turn To 'Claim' The World's Richest Millionaire

 Believe it or not, the world’s richest individual title bestowed on Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is likely to disappear immediately with the emergence of a new nominee, Bitcoin (BTC) founder Satoshi Nakamoto.

The latest record records that Bezos has a fortune of 188.7 billion. Nakamoto, on the other hand, only has a fortune of $ 12.45 billion (1.1 million BTC) which brings him to the 157th position as the richest individual in the world, even though he is not listed in Forbes.

The ever-changing position according to the passage of time and the value of individual wealth is not impossible will eliminate the huge gap of position between the two figures separated by 156 other individuals.

How can this be? None other than, the value of a crypto must exceed six digits.

This means that BTC needs to go up more than $ 180,000 for every coin Nakamoto owns to overcome Bezos' wealth.

Thus with 1.1 million BTC ownership, Nakamoto will own $ 198 billion, excluding bitcoin cash (Bitcoin Cash, BCH) and BitcoinsV (BSV) which it also owns.

Based on the BTC value, $ 11,758 today, asset crypto should jump around 1308% to reach the price range, $ 180,000. In fact, if BTC is worth $ 180 thousand per coin with around 18.5 million BTC in rounds, market capitalization is estimated to be worth more than three trillion.

Bezos continued to make a profit, making it impossible for Nakamoto to reach his position. However, one’s wealth will not last long and anytime Bezos will be kicked off the number one chart.

Undoubtedly there is still an opportunity for the founders of the digital assets to remain a mystery.

Even if Satoshi Nakamoto is still alive.