Thursday, October 22, 2020

Taiwan Buys $ 1.8 Billion War Equipment, Ready To Fight China

 It was recently reported that the United States (US) had sold defense weapons to Taiwan for around $ 1.8 billion as a precautionary measure against China.

The purchase includes three types of weapon systems including 135 cruise missiles, portable rocket launchers, tracking devices, air reconnaissance pods and several types of cannons.

Taiwan-China relations have been strained for a long time and have deteriorated since the island's administration was considered part of China and led to European Union (EU) member intervention.

The provinces of China and Taiwan have been separated since the civil war in the 1940s. However, Beijing earlier insisted that they did not hesitate to use force to retake Taiwan.

Last week, U.S. national security adviser Robert O’Brien said while it was hard to believe China would attack Taiwan, the island should be prepared to avoid any future threats.

Thus, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense believes that the purchase of weapons can further strengthen the defense developed, as well as increase the immunity of war between the two countries.

Earlier in August, Taiwan received a visit from the top US politician to meet with the country's president, Tsai Ing-wen.

Beijing warns the US not to give any 'hope' to Taiwan if it does not want to tarnish China-US relations that are like a crack waiting to split.