The Rich Get Rich! Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk Get Rich Through Pandemics

 If you ask, what was the situation of world millionaires when the COVID-19 pandemic struck - did they receive a negative impact or vice versa, the answer ..

YES. They made the highest profit of $ 10.2 trillion.

According to a report by Swiss bank UBS, the wealth of millionaires around the world has increased by more than 25% during the peak of the pandemic crisis around April to July.

Sounds ridiculous, but these millionaires dare to risk their money even though they are also reluctant to buy more company shares when the global equity market is in critical condition due to the lockdown.

So it is not surprising that once the global stock market recovers, their total wealth surpassed its previous record at the end of 2017 of $ 8.9 trillion.

The number of millionaires also recorded the latest record, increasing from 2,158 in 2017 to 2,189 people.

Jeff Bezos, the richest individual in the world recorded an increase in wealth of $ 74 billion to date due to the Amazon stock price spike.

Elon Musk, meanwhile, made the highest profit this year with a jump from $ 76 billion to $ 103 billion.

However, the executive director of the High Pay Center, Luke Hilyard, described the phenomenon of 'getting richer and richer' as not a positive thing because it means that the system of capitalism is not functioning as it should.

However, they are not selfish. Millionaires also channeled a lot of their profits in an effort to address the COVID-19 epidemic and help the economy of the affected population.

Records from March to June, recorded a total of 209 millionaires have channeled contributions totaling $ 7.2 billion.

98 millionaires from the United States (US) contributed $ 4.5 billion, 12 millionaires from China contributed $ 679 million and two millionaires from Australia donated $ 324 million. In contrast, the United Kingdom (UK), although 9 millionaires donated, the total contribution was only $ 298 million, at least among the countries involved.