There he is! Pound Back Climbing In European Session!

 The European market opening saw pound sterling traded higher on hopes that the UK and European Union (EU) will reach an agreement ahead of the final date of the Brexit transition period.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Suruhanjaya President Ursula von der Leyen reached an agreement in a telephone call on Saturday to continue negotiating a trade agreement to close the gap between the two sides.

On a separate week, the ninth round of talks between the UK and the EU is again deadlocked following the differences between the two sides, although great progress has been made in these talks.

Boris Johnson in his latest fact told us that he does not want the Brexit transition period to end without a new trade agreement. However, he also believed that the UK could live even without the agreement.

Meanwhile, the UK kingdom launched another new job program on Monday. The job-entry support scheme (Jets) which cost £ 238 million will help those who lost their jobs when hit by the Covid-19 crisis to return to work.

This indirectly contributed to the trading of the pound sterling to be able to strengthen around the price level of 1.2948 against the US dollar.

In the meantime, developments regarding the stage of US President Donald Trump's health which was confirmed positive for Covid-19 last Friday will continue to be monitored by the founders.

Although, there have been positive developments regarding Trump, investors are still unsure about the fact that the president has been treated using drugs that are usually used in the case of the infected Covid-19.