This Bitcoin Hacker is a real treat!

 Bitcoins (BTC) stolen from Bitfinex’s major cryptocurrency exchange in 2016 were transferred to an unknown wallet by hackers. For all you know, Bitfinex is one of the largest crypto firms in the world established in 2012, and is part of the top 10 crypto exchanges with the highest daily trading volume.

According to data released by crypto transaction tracking service Whale Alert, hackers Bitfinex have transferred more than $ 4.6 million in stolen BTC on October 8. The funds were transferred to an unknown wallet in 2 separate transactions namely 435 BTC and 8 BTC.

But hackers have moved more than that amount earlier this week. According to Whale Alert, Bitfinex hackers conducted 7 more similar transactions on October 7, amounting to 2,900 Bitcoin, or $ 26.4 million. As a result, during this week hackers have transferred around 2.4% of the total 120,000 BTC stolen in 2016.

Bitfinex hackers have transferred thousands of stolen BTCs throughout 2020. As previously reported, hackers transferred 3,503 Bitcoin worth about $ 39 million by July 2020.

According to calculations put forward based on Whale Alert data, Bitfinex hackers transferred a total of about 8,600 Bitcoin to an unknown wallet by 2020. This amount was worth about $ 88.6 million when the transaction was completed. As previously reported, the amount of BTC stolen from Bitfinex amounted to $ 72 million during hacking activities in August 2016.