This Is What The UK Fears Most If The Lockdown Continues!

 UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak warned that further closures would paralyze the economy and society.

Most recently, in an interview with The Sun, Sunak said the closure would have a very strong economic and social impact.

According to Sunak, having a weak economy does not only give the impression of the state's efforts to finance health services such as the UK State Health Service (NHS), but also to the long-term health of individuals.

Rishi Sunak has expressed dissatisfaction with the directive to close pubs and restaurants before 10pm, but he continues to encourage the British people to comply with these regulations.

In the past month, the finance minister announced a new job support scheme that would help the company pay people on a shorter time. However, Sunak reminded him that he could not save every business and job.

Meanwhile, the British kingdom launched another new work program on Monday. The job-entry support scheme (Jets) which cost £ 238 million will help those who lost their jobs when hit by the Covid-19 crisis to return to work.