Twitter Dissatisfied With Trump, Claims to Spread False Information

 Twitter yesterday blocked remarks by US President Donald Trump for spreading false information about Covid-19.

Trump said in a statement that he was certified healthy and immune from Covid-19. The tweet, however, was blocked by Twitter and a disclaimer was posted from the social media platform.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the scam violated Twitter's law on disseminating false information and could have a negative impact on Covid-19.

Yesterday, Trump claimed he had fully recovered from Covid-19 and would not be the spreader of the virus to others, thus allowing him to attend his election campaign rally.

He plans to attend his election campaign in Florida today, followed by campaigns in Pennsylvania and Iowa tomorrow and the day after.

On October 2, Trump announced he was positive for Covid-19. His personal doctor informed Trump did not show any symptoms last Saturday.

Scientific evidence, however, does not provide a clearer picture of whether those who were once infected with Covid-19 are protected from infection for the second time.